Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stamp Of The Month Blog Hop!

Happy New Year!

If you are hopp'in on the blog hop you just came from Cindy Leek's site. Keep going and it will loop around if you are just starting here.
January's stamp set is called True Friends - and I have a few of them! In fact, this set made me think of one I don't see enough - Ann! She'll get this card! I started with our Colonial White base card and added Creme Brulee cardstock for the top and the stripe paper is from our NEW Creative Basics paper kit called Veranda - love the colors and patterns! I stamped the frame twice, once in green and cut out around the outer edge, and a second one, I cut out the center and put it on foam squares to life it off the card. I used Creme Brulee Marker to fill in the hearts and sponged the edge of the inside piece. The ribbon is not in the new catty - oops, not sure if it's discontinued! But I think it's from our Christmas Round Set.

I felt the bottom was too plain so I used a Martha Stewart Edge punch to cut out two rows and I layered them so that the Colonial White cardstock peeks over and under the Creme Brulee cardstock.

Inside I put a little stripe on top and on the bottom for the stripe paper and I used Daisy White ink for the frame and did the same as the cover minus the foam squares.

Hope you like it! Now head over to the next blog which is Sylvia Jacquot's blog - enjoy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift Card for a Friend

I received an email from a good friend asking if I could make some gift cards - they have a travel business and so I got all excited to try it. Of course the perfect stamp set I don't have, but she's into stamping and scrapbooking so I called her with idea. Several times I asked "do you have Summer 2008 catalog?", "What about the Winter 2008?" and it was fun because she had everyone I wanted her to look at for different papers and layout ideas! Nothing like having someone on the same page as you!
This is what we came up with. It's out of the 2008 Summer Catty - All I did was copy the layout and print out A Gift of Travel from my inkjet printer onto Colonial White Cardstock. I even stitched around the top of the card like the sample in the book!The bottom of the card needs something, but I don't have a lot of travel stamps to make it work better - they were happy with them just as they were. I ended up having three done for them in one night. Met Linda for lunch and gave them to her. There's also Indian Corn Blue ric rac ribbon between the two sections. I put Bamboo cardstock mats in the inside and I created a mat for his business card for the inside on the left out of Chocolate. Too bad this paper is now discontinued - Route 66, the map is a great page. The other paper that we had was Vintage Travel and that's discontinued too - bummer. Going to need to figure out a new layout for future cards! Thanks for looking.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Guess who has the new SPRING Catalogs at her house! Every time a catty comes out I feel like I'm gonna go broke. I try to pase myself, but it never works. Gotta have half the book! Let's make a list and see if I can get it before the end of the year! The stamps of the months are great, you're gonna love them! I'm already doing a project for January!

The new papers are great too - I'm saying great too much....I'll sneak a peak here and there for you when I can - sorry the camera is full - but check back soon!

I'll be mailing cattys in a few weeks! Maybe in time for Christmas - something to read between Christmas dinner and dessert!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Stamp Of The Month Blog Hop!

Once again we are bouncing with the new Stamp of the Month! Hopefully you just came from Cindy Leek's blog. If not, keep going and you'll loop around.
I loved this stamp set when I saw it but froze when it was time to make something with it! I incorporated several stamp sets to create this fun card. Hope you like it!

Using a Coluzzle File Folder template, I cut out a card in the shape of a file folder. I created the Checklist from Checklist Stamp Set. I still need to come up with more things to add to my lists. The Event list was made by Journaling Jots Stamp Set. The coffee stain complients of Coffee Stain Stamp Set. The file folder label and words are from Confidential Stamp Set.
The Today: card and the binder clips are from the Stamp of the Month as well as the date hash marks on the Today: card. I stamped the binder clips on the inside too.

Here inside is a picture of my baby and her first School Photo! The date stamp and numbers under her photo is from the Stamp of the Month as well as the 3 ring border. The lines are from Journaling Jots. I thought this would be a great way to send photos to the family.
The letters are The Works Alphabet Stamp Set. You can't tell by the photos, but I sponged chocolate ink around all the cards and the edges of the file folder giving it a distressed look. I also bent up the corners of the folder and the pealed back the label on the tab a little to distress it. I creased the corners and sponged in the folds to help age it.

I tried to make it like a busy file folder - let me know if it worked. Also, what to list on the front cards? Any suggestions?

Now jump on over to Shelia Bennett's blog to see what she created with this stamp set!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Eisen Family Est. 1989

The ceiling fan/light and window across the room is showing up beautifully in my artwork, hope you can see beyond that. This is what I did last week for a craft fair. I cut out my last name Eisen in a dark brown wall vinyl and put it on a picture frame that I removed the back of. I then took gold vinyl and did THE EISEN FAMILY EST. 1989 and put that on top. We glued the glass to the frame so that it won't move. I love the fact that my wall color comes thru the class.
I wasn't sure about brown on gold, but it turned out great (hubby suggested the colors). The colors in the frame really go good too!
Planning on selling some of these for Christmas gifts this year!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stamps for sale

I've created a blog for all the discounted items I wanted to sell. Currently I have about 56 stamps to sell that were stamp of the month stamps that you can't get anymore. Selling for 1/2 price. Plus a few other items too.
Check out my blog at:

Thanks for reading.

I've also got a link you can click on to the right (little further down the page) ---->

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!!!

I've joined the blog hopping world! A bunch of us Consultants are doing a Blog Hop featuring the Stamp of the Month each month.
Hopefully you came here from Katy Donaldson's blog - if not you should check out her blog. To start from the beginning go to Jena DeVries' Blog . After my site you should go to Deb Young's Blog - I have it linked at the bottom of this post again.

Here is my sample card of what you can do with November's Stamp of the Month called Around the Block! (Sorry pictures might be a little fuzzy).

I stamped the shutters and then cut them out after I colored them with our markers. I put a strip of Desert Sand cardstock at the top and bottom of the card and then colored a piece of scalloped Dimensional Elements with Desert Sand ink and added it for the trim. The flower boxes are on with foam squares to give them depth. These windows have panes, but I cut the center out so you can see thru them.

The front door is colored with only one marker - bamboo. The more I go over the image the darker it gets - I love that about our markers! This stamp set has roofs, bricks and boards, clouds, 2 different window and door styles and much more - I can't wait to see what everyone did!

Can you see the coat tree in the window?!! That's from our Welcome Home Stamp Set! Love that one too!

Thanks for looking and keep hopping thru the blogs - please leave a message!

The next hop is over to Deb Young's blog!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The cupcakes with their Tops!

Ok, it's been a week since I made these, but here are the finished goodies! The teacher and class just loved these. Nothing like something fun to eat and something to play with afterwards! The hubby helped me make the cupcakes (actually, he did the most of it - I was writing up a listing file (We do real estate for a real job - just listed a condo that night!) He had bought this cool cookie frosting in a tube (I told him to buy green or black frosting) and you squeeze it out and it sets smooth!
Action shot! Jeanie putting the pumpkins in! Sorry blurry!

Here's the before shot! She's tickled to be helping! (She's leaning on the table - that's not a huge belly!)
Group Shot!
I don't know how I'll top myself for the next treat day! I've got 3 more this school year! By the time I'm done, I'll be hiring a clown!
Happy Halloween - Hope your's is safe and fun!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gift Tags

My friend asked me to do a Gift Tag Class, but I couldn't think of what to make until I started playing with my Cricut and a blog I followed posted something similar
(you had to buy a tool that makes tags - not!)
I cut these out of CS with the Cricut and decorated them. I cut Snowflakes and circles to decorate the front and added a little bling for good measure. It took a little time to figure out the best way to layout the background on the software because the ornament has a angle to it and it had to be a mirror image. The green paper is from Creative Basics Kit from last year (still available) and when I cut it out it only goes on one way because of the angle of the ornament.
They are folded over and a string will go thru the top to hang on gifts.I'm not totally loving the last two pictures, but not bad for a first time run.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Toppers

Tell me they look like pumpkins!!!
I have to supply the snack for Jeanie's Preschool next week so I made these pumpkins out of cardstock to push thru the top of cupcakes. There is over 2 dozen in the picture above. Below is how I did them. You take 5 or 6 pumpkins (I used a flower on my Cricut machine and deleted the center circle from being cut out.) A smaller scalloped circle would work too. Stamp a face on all the pieces or I only did 2 sides. Take all the pieces, line them up together and fold them in half all at once - this way they will line up when you glue them together. I used Liquid Glass - loved using it - drys fast and you only need a little. Put glue on half of one pumpkin and glue another half to it. Keep folding the pieces back as you go along. In between the first two you glue, I added a piece of green cardstock for the vine or top of the pumpkin. repeat this at the last one too. I wound the green on an angle around one of the sticks.When you get to the last one, put lots of Liquid Glass in the middle. Put the pumpkin pieces together and then force a stick up from the bottom. I used Lollipop sticks I bought at Hobby Lobby. Hold together for a little while and you're done. I hope they like them. I thought it would be festive since it's so close to Halloween.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Around the Yard

It's sure is fall and it seems earlier this year. Here are some of the pictures I took out in the yard this last week. I've been sick all week and stayed home 3 days from work. I'm trying to catch up on computer stuff and cleaning my craft room. Hope to be posting more soon.
Jeanie by the neighbor's yard - he's got great landscaping that turns colors every season - I can't keep up with that - so we steal pictures by his stuff!
This tree turned neon yellow - the picture doesn't do it justice - when the sun hit it and you pulled into the subdivision your eyes were instantly drawn to it!
And my little Jade plant (I think that's the name) is starting to bloom! She comes in after being out all summer, doubles in size some years and then she flowers little tiny white flowers! My Mom never saw such a thing. The first year she bloomed was the fall before Jeanie was born.
Hope you like the photos!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Had to Copy a little Spooky!

This is a wall hanging I saw on the CEO's blog that I had to copy!
She posted all of the ingredients and wouldn't you know it I had all that I needed to make one for myself - now that's really scary! I was actually short black waxy flax, but I sponged brown hemp to make it work.
Here is a metal tag with the center cut out and two Dementional Elements Stars sponged Sunflower Yellow!
I stamped 2 owls and layered him with foam squares. I colored in the Sunflower Yellow eyebrows and beek with a marker.
Created the flaux wood grain background and wrote on the tombstones with a marker too. I think it's close to the real thing. I was suppose to sew around the edge, but I used Simple Stitiches stamp set to make it look like I did. Other stamps: Creepy Cobwebs and Whoo Loves You. Click on the logo on the right to go to her website and you let me know if I did a good job of scraplifting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Invites

Over the weekend my friend Patti needed a little help with some invites - a Couples Costume Bridal Shower to be exact! So we came up with these pumpkins. We cut them out using the Cricut. Then printed the words on with an Inkjet printer. I took Orange ink and sponged curves on them to give them some depth. This is a tester for the green ink for the stem - but it shows you what it looked like without the orange lines sponged on below:
We realized that we forgot where they are registered so we made a crystal ball out of green paper and the ball we cut out of velum paper. On a laser printer we printed off the information for the registry.
Marker in machine - we outlined them with green ink first - gives them an edge.

A whole sheet of them!

While Patti's machine was cutting pumpkins and crystal balls, mine was cutting 4 colors of paper confetti - white skeletons, orange pumpkins, black spiders, and purple moons and stars - all about an inch big - took all day! (I had the settings too slow!)

Here are just a few of them:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mini Flip Flap Album

A Sister Consultant showed us this Flip Flap album in September and we planned on making them at the next Unit Meeting, but I couldn't wait and figured out how to do it - it's a good thing I did because everyone I showed wants one or wants to do one. It is very easy. I don't know if you can tell there is a flap that opens on the right where it says "there's no place like home".

The Flip Flaps are individual pockets for pictures that have an adhesive end that you can use to add a picture to anything. I used the paper from our Sweet Home Paper Kit and created the cover and back. I scored it where the Flip Flap pocket ends so it would fold open without pulling on the glue. There is no stamping, just used the Stickease from the Sweet Home Level 2 Pack and a few pearls for bling.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Playing with D.E. & Embellishments

At the Unit Meeting in September we took the Dimensional Elements On Target and cut up one of the circles to create this card. Dimensional Elements are white chipboard that are great for just about anything! Here we took a sponge and colored a piece of the scalloped circle Chocolate, hole punched it and put little brads into it. We used Nature's Vein to create the background paper. Using a sponge and Chocolate Ink, we colored the Twill Ribbon to match or D.E. With a Glue pen we added Prisma Glitter to the veins on the leaf. On the next card we played with the Metal Frames (sorry discontinued) - Got'm never took them out of the plastic - love to collect cute things like this!!! Here we did another fall theme. The bottom scalloped piece is a D.E. from the Borders set (check out the scrolls on this set!!), cut and sponged with Colonial White.

The photo below shows the depth better. The frame is held on with two brads.

Thanks for looking!


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