Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Eisen Family Est. 1989

The ceiling fan/light and window across the room is showing up beautifully in my artwork, hope you can see beyond that. This is what I did last week for a craft fair. I cut out my last name Eisen in a dark brown wall vinyl and put it on a picture frame that I removed the back of. I then took gold vinyl and did THE EISEN FAMILY EST. 1989 and put that on top. We glued the glass to the frame so that it won't move. I love the fact that my wall color comes thru the class.
I wasn't sure about brown on gold, but it turned out great (hubby suggested the colors). The colors in the frame really go good too!
Planning on selling some of these for Christmas gifts this year!


  1. Your frame is beautiful! I really like it. The dimension of having some of the letters on the different sides of the glass is really nice.

  2. This is sooo awesome! I might like to try my hand at making one for my family!
    Thanks for sharing!


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