Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What have I been doing this summer???

Not blogging, that's for sure, and I'm sorry I haven't been! Here is some things that I've done:

I bedazzled my Cricut Expressions with VINYL!!! It now has my name on it and flowers. This was a long hard decision. My hubby and I were up to 2am playing and learning vinyl and that's when I decided to do my machine. He said flowers. I wanted something like a crest. He won.

I added a ladybug right above the logo :)

The hubby and I sell real estate for a living and so we did the Shorewest Logo and some yard signs. The Expressions is now a write off!!!

I'm doing an advance class for Hobby Lobby so I played around with making my own rubber stamps! Here is a monkey:

He fits nicely on my CMTH 3x3 clear block! I've got to play with the embossing folder for the Cricut and I also did glass etching using vinyl. Here's my first project:

It's a votive cup for a candle. I used the negative of the vinyl and put it on the glass and with Armour Etching paste I created this look.
The side view. Want to learn how to do these projects and more, come join my class! I'm going to be teaching at 3 Hobby Lobby's in Wisconsin in September!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cricut Word Book

I've created a Cricut Class for Hobby Lobby that uses the Design Studio Software. It's a hands on class where you bring your machine, laptop and create this book in class! This is using the Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge that came with the Expressions machines. $15 plus some supplies.
Each page is a letter that spells LOVE!
Plenty of places for photos inside too!
This book is made with the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge that came with the Orginial machine (6x12) I did one for each machine so that anyone can attend the class - you will get the cutting file downloaded onto your machine - I'm pretty clever - hey?
Decorate and there you have a great homemade album for any occasion!
Classes are at the end of August - email me if you are interested!

The Acrylic Album - Hobby Lobby

This is a class I will be teaching at Hobby Lobby in September.
It will teach people how to work with acrylic and what you can do to create this book.
Email me for details - $7 for the class. (Plus supplies).
There is water splash stickers on many of the pages.
They look like real water - clear and raised. She was not going in until I had her cousin B. take her hand and walked her thru.
By the end of the day she was dragging him thru!

My Water Baby!
Don't Drink The Water!
She slept good that night!


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