Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What have I been doing this summer???

Not blogging, that's for sure, and I'm sorry I haven't been! Here is some things that I've done:

I bedazzled my Cricut Expressions with VINYL!!! It now has my name on it and flowers. This was a long hard decision. My hubby and I were up to 2am playing and learning vinyl and that's when I decided to do my machine. He said flowers. I wanted something like a crest. He won.

I added a ladybug right above the logo :)

The hubby and I sell real estate for a living and so we did the Shorewest Logo and some yard signs. The Expressions is now a write off!!!

I'm doing an advance class for Hobby Lobby so I played around with making my own rubber stamps! Here is a monkey:

He fits nicely on my CMTH 3x3 clear block! I've got to play with the embossing folder for the Cricut and I also did glass etching using vinyl. Here's my first project:

It's a votive cup for a candle. I used the negative of the vinyl and put it on the glass and with Armour Etching paste I created this look.
The side view. Want to learn how to do these projects and more, come join my class! I'm going to be teaching at 3 Hobby Lobby's in Wisconsin in September!

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