Monday, December 31, 2012

January Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

We enter a new year and a new blog hop!

If you are coming from Nikka's Blog, you are on the right track, if not, 
keep hopping and you will make a complete circle.

This month we are doing Valentines Day stamps. 
This stamp set is called Happy Valentine's S1301 - you can get it for only $5 
with a purchase of $50 or you can buy it for $17.95.

Here is the stamp set:

I made a Valentine's card, but you could do so much more with this set. I used Cashmere Ink to stamp the image. I then used our color pencils to color in the flowers and leaves. I used two different color pinks/purples pencils. I went to outline a leaf and hated the color so I cut out the flower image and to hide the boo boo I put that leaf behind the box I made for the Happy Valentines. Chocolate Ink was used for the Happy Valentines Day stamp.

Thanks for looking, now head over to Wendy's Blog for some more great ideas for this stamp set.

Don't forget to have a happy, safe and wonderful new year! 
Right about Midnight the three of us will be celebrating with Sparkling Grape Juice!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25, 2012

From my family to yours
Hope Your holiday is merry and bright!

my website: Mary Eisen @ CTMH

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Mary Eisen

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whooo's Your Valentine Blog Hop

We are hopping again for a special that is kicking off December 13! (Tomorrow)
If you are coming from Susan's Blog, you are on the right track,
otherwise, keep hopping and you will do a complete circle.  

Just spend $35 dollars in product and get this awesome kit with directions to make adorable Valentines treats for only $10! 

You get tubes and pre-cut cubes and a whole 12 x 12 sheet of Silver Glitter Paper and this great stamp set:

The rules for this hop is that we had to do something other than the kit it's self.
So I saw the owls and I thought what a great card for Christmas!
There is 3 in my household so this is just the right amount of birds!

I cut the leaves and the branch freestyle.
The winter "gear" came from another stamp set - can you guess which one?
It's an oldie but goodie!

I stamped the ear muffs twice so that they overlapped and cut out the smaller center one
to create a tiny one for the little owl.  Let me know what you think!

Now hop on over to Lucy's Blog for more great ideas for this stamp and kit!

Shop for these and many more items on my website: Mary Eisen @ CTMH

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Mary Eisen

Friday, November 30, 2012

December Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

If you are coming from Amy's Blog, keep hopping you are on the right track, if you are starting here, keep hopping you will do a complete circle.

Oh, what a time to be bad!  
I've been too busy this month and forgot the blog hop.  
I made this cute little 3x3 card to show you one of the stamps that I'll be using this month for my presents:

I used our markers to accent the stamp and add some color.

This is all the images from the set!  You could make a lovely calendar with this set!!
You can get this set for $5 with a qualifying order on my site!

I was busy with 2 trade shows and a weekend retreat - all day today I made this:

150+ piece of Baklava!  I now have to go back into the kitchen and put them in little paper cups for the bake sale at church tomorrow - it's my donation - so you decide how bad was I?

 Now head over to Lauire's Blog for more great ideas for this set!

Happy Holidays!

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Mary Eisen

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love Your Layouts - Studio J!

I was running thru some links on the corporate website when I came across some archived YouTube videos regarding Studio J.  I found about 16 informative videos that I will be adding here weekly.  I just love the company I sell for!

What a great way to learn the digital scrapbooking program.
Also, our software is online, FREE and you can go in and play, save your work for up to 3 months - if you print your layouts, it saves it longer - go play and test it out!

You can Google the YouTube videos or if you sign up to get emails of my posts then they will be sent to you automatically!  (Sign up for emails on the right)  

Follow along as we show you how to do this great layout in Studio J!  
See how easy it is to do digital scrapbooking!

Set up your Studio J account or 
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ink It Up!!!

Discover the versatility of the Exclusive Inks® alcohol-based marker sets and pigment pad sets to bring your artwork to life!

Shop for these and many more items on my website: Mary Eisen @ CTMH

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm thankful for

I'm thankful this year for all the blog readers like you!

I've been MIA - I've tried typing this via iPad 4 times.  So I'm not going to retype my whining about being sick or too busy.  I enjoy busy but not sick.

My kitty Fluffy was massively all over the stove today - first time ever - funny thing was that when I put some in her dish she didn't want any!  Had to put can cat food in her dish!

I hope your family and you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

More to come from me soon!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November SOTM Blog hop - Capture the Moment

If only I could capture time!  It's been a whirl wind around here!  Brownies starts tomorrow and of course, I'm a co-leader.  The hubby had a trade show last week and did wonderful so we are doing it again this week in another city! And if that wasn't enough I have a Weekend Retreat the following weekend! I won't be home for a month of weekends!!!

Enough whinning!

If you came from Carla's blog, then you are on the right track, if not, keep hopping and you do a complete circle!

Here is this month's stamp set:

So what do you do with a bunch of months and numbers???

I created a background by using all the November's and number 1's - It's my Dad's birthday - can you guess what day it is??? (Yes, November 1st!)

I used Slate Ink for the background and Holiday Red for the Happy Birthday. I wrapped Baker's Twine around the corners and popped some foam squares behind it to make stand off the card and be taller than the twine.

Please leave a comment and then head over to Dawn's blog for more great artwork with this stamp set!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Stamp of the Month - Very Merry Christmas

Here we go again hopping, but this time to the holidays!
If you came from Shirley's blog, you are on the right track, if not, keep hopping and you will do a complete circle.

But I will for this Hop!

 Here is the stamp set!  
CTMH likes to put their stamp sets out 2 months prior to the events - like Christmas!

 Remember, all the red outlines are items that can be cut out using our Cricut Cartridges!
This one works with Artiste!

 I went one step further in the Cricut Craft Room and 
welded mittens back to back and made mini present tags! 
(There is a vertical and a horizontal flip button)
(if this came out of the oven, I'd be a head chef!) hee hee
 I used 3 of the stamps for the inside - YES the TO and FROM are part of this set!!
 I stamped the pink stamp onto the front of the card and then stamped the blue
on an extra piece of Colonial White cardstock and cut off the cuff.
 Add some glue and sprinkle with Prisma Glitter and TA-DA!
 I did a dozen of them - stocking up for the future!

Thanks for looking!  Please leave a message.  
Also, you can get this stamp set for $5 with a purchase of $50! 
See my shopping page for details: CLICK HERE.
Now head over to Elizabeth's blog for more great artwork with this stamp set!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Batty over Halloween Decor!

 I don't have a mantel so I'm doing my couch table!
I love Halloween and dressing up and decking out the house for the occasion!  This year it's no different!  I created a coffin from our new Cricut Cartridge Artiste and then I modified the top to add texture and a pattern.
 See here is the added piece that I embossed with my Cuttlebug and then took our Daisy White pigment ink and gave it an eerie glow/dusting!
At the end of this post is how I created the top piece in Cricut Craft Room. 
I am willing to share this file if you have this cartridge!
Leave a post and I'll email you the file!

These jars are my inspiration!  I found them on and loved them.  I bought our Magic Potions Stamp set and had to find a vessel for the stamps. When these jars came to me I had to have them too!  This is how they look (above) without the camera's flash.

 With the flash on my camera these jars glow!  It's the pigment ink showing off!
 The spider sits higher than he looks, he's raised up on 3 foam squares and I tipped his head down.  That's almost a whole pack of Black Sparkles on his body!

All of these jars open and are great for gifts or candy jars!  Even the witches shoe is a candy dish - gotta go buy candy now!

 So I laid out the coffin pieces and then using triangles from that cartridge I started following the base of the cover.
 Above is 2 triangles I'm using to cover the inside surface of the cover.  The cover I told it to DON'T WELD- so nothing would blend in with it.  The triangles were all WELD.

 Here shows the two triangles welded together.
 More triangles. . . .
And more
 (the highlighted "box" above is really a triangle, but a box would have worked too.)
 In the end I used an oval to cover the leftover holes.  When I first put the circle on top, it acted like it wasn't welding but cutting out an oval.  After clicking on all the pieces again and DON'T WELD and then clicking WELD for each piece it suddenly worked and I got this shape:
 TA DA!!!
Now, all the pieces are still separate.
I drew a box around the pieces and then clicked GROUP
so that it won't accidentally get moved and come apart.
 I am willing to share this file if you have this cartridge!
Leave a post and I'll email you the file!
Thanks for looking!

Consultant's Meeting in August - Highlights

We had our meeting last month and I took some pictures of what the other consultants did in our group.  Check out what great work they came up with!
 Sorry a little fuzzy - great fall layout
 click on the photos to make larger

What a great Grad layout

 Altering a clipboard

 Bev in our group made us all these adorable little boxes with a pumpkin on top! All made with the Cricut Cartridge from CTMH called Artiste!

Check out how this Display Tray was altered!
Bev made a "box" to cover the 2 center rectangles and make one larger one!
Love this stamp set - Pun Fun!
And to show off the cupcake wrappers on the new Cricut Cartridge - Artiste,
Amy made these - and yes we got to take home 2 of them - I'll post the to go box we made next time!

Thanks for looking!


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