Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Here we go again!

You should be coming from Tammy's blog, but if you are starting here, keep hopping and you make a full circle and some great ideas for this stamp set!

This month it's Share the Magic!

I used the markers to color in the light bulbs and create the strands in the background.  You may not be able to see the Glitz Stardust Glitter Glue over the words, but it really added a shine to the letters (maybe click on the photo to blow it up).

Click on Krista's Blog to keep hopping thru the whole group and get more great ideas!  Email me if you would like to order this stamp or earn this for free!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ikea Virgin - No More

My pictures aren't the greatest facing direct light and using my iphone in a store, but I FINALLY went to IKEA! 
Well, if I ever do blow the roof off the office, I'll know where to go for the toys! They have some really great stuff. We had to blow thru the last floor because we had spent the WHOLE day there.

I want that, and that, and that, one of those, get the curtains, OH and that too!

I even ate lunch in the store! That's a mushroom sandwich - I'm a good girl. Didn't eat the BIG chocolate cake that I really wanted.

Those were to die for Broccoli and potato cakes!  Sorry, I was trying to eat too while filming! We need to do another day trip soon.  Had fun with Patti & Kelly!  Bought some cool toys for the office. As soon as I find screws and time to hang them, I'll photograph them and post.  Ikea stuff doesn't come with screws. hmmm.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mow Down The Spartans!

No, I'm not talking about a movie, I've been asked to cut some letters for the local high school so they can make a float and that's the saying that I'm cutting out of CTMH Cardstock.  I used Sunflower, Barn Red - they are the closest colors to their school colors.  Moonstruck is what one of the Spartans' colors is closest to.
The picture above is showing how I'm cutting out 4 letters in 3 different colors all in one pass.  That's how you save time - and Design Studio/MTC with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get - or in this case - what you Cut!) OOOOHHHH - a picture of my NEW GREEN CRICUT - got at a rummage for $140 - came with 5 cartridges - I had 2 of them and sold them for $60 - so I got 3 cartridges, machine, mat, spatula for $80!!! What a steal!- sorry, I'm proud of myself!)
This is the scrap pile on the floor after cutting 2 sets of the sayings! Just shove it under the desk until I can clean up later!
Here is what the other end looks like. I couldn't wait, I was pulling letters off prior to all the cutting being finished. I sure did cut the "E" pretty close to the edge! Almost looks like a sports logo!

And the finished product!!  The kids will be gluing the letters onto Butcher paper that I supplied to them. I have it on a 60 yard roll x 24 inches! (lets just say it's a big roll and I can't lift it.)   :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's All In The Jeans

Ok, not that kind of Jeans, but I had to show off what my sister can do!  She made this for my birthday - that was August 31st - Can you tell far behind in posting I am?!  I just about fell over when I got it - it was her first one and she gave it to me!!!  Call me special!  She's making a bunch of them for a craft fair this November.  I totally love it!  It's one of several purses I got this year for my birthday (5 in all!) and one of two that were handmade just for me!

Yes, that's my chubby hand, yes, I'm in the car, NO I'm NOT driving - what a first, not doing 2 things at once in the car.  I took it and emailed it to my girlfriend Patti while we were going somewhere via the iphone. Gary is driving!  Start placing your Christmas orders - or come visit us at the Craft Fair in November in Hartford, Wisconsin! (I think it's the 4th - Saturday 9am to Noon).

I was told that crafty must run in the family!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can you guess what I'm doing?

Here are 8 RoseArt Clip n' Color Washable Markers and a package of pencil grippers - What do you think I'm gonna do to them??? 
Here's the label from the markers
Ta DA!!! 
I put the grippers on the markers (I tried to color coordinate them) and put one into my Cricut to draw in color!!!!!  These are thinner than the Cricut Markers and maybe cheaper! How cool is that???

Here is an owl I'm working on for a friend - she's having a baby and I'm doing vinyl multi color owls on tree branches!
Here's the branch. She's going to paint the tree base onto the wall and I'm adding branches, flowers, leaves and owls!
The markers come with a clippy thingy so I can keep them all together and just pop off the lid of the one I want to use and I won't loose them!  NO, I didn't come up with this on my own.  I belong to the MTC board and someone else was the great thinker on this - I just scraplifted the idea! 

Note:  if you pull too hard on the grippers, they rip.  I pushed them really hard and then gently pulled from the opposite end to get them on as close to the cap as possible.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look What Just Arrived!!!

Some of you will be getting this post and an email letting you know your order is in!!!  Maybe next order you'll be getting that email too!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Button Jewerly Directions

Hello Again!
Directions for the bracelets:

I used about 6 buttons in various sizes and lay them out in the order that you want them on your bracelet. 

I wrapped hemp loosely around my wrist 3 times for the length.  Take the hemp and fold in half. 

Thread your first button from the back thru one of the holes to the center of your piece of hemp.

Thread it thru the other button or if it is a 4 hole button, the hole kitty corner. If it's a four hole, take the other strand and thread it thru the other 2 holes the same way, crossing over the first strand and creating an "X" on the the top with the hemp. 

Pull both strands off to the edge of the button and create a knot off the edge of the button. So if you were to lay the button and hemp on the counter you would see the button, then the knot next to the edge of the button, and then the rest of the hemp. (sorry camera's dead still and using iphone).

Repeat with next button!  I saw this on a website called Inky Scrapper and she made a utube video but I can't find it very easily.

When you get it to the length you want you will form a loop at the end just big enough for the 1st button to slide thru and that is how you will hook it!  Cut off the extra hemp and you are done!
Clear Buttons with Paper:  For the clear buttons you take Liquid Glass and put it all of the back of the button - don't over do it, you don't need it peeing out the sides. then stick a piece of B&T paper on to the back - put the side you want to show off into the Liquid Glass - so it shows thru the button.  Push hard on the paper to get rid of bubbles and a nice smooth finish. I poked the holes for the button thru with a large needle or you can use are Finishing Files.   I couldn't wait for these to dry (I used 9 clear buttons for the triple strand bracelet 2 posts down) so when I was done gluing all the paper to the buttons and poking the holes I flipped them over and added more Liquid Glass the back and the edge to seal the paper in so it won't rub off. I let them dry over night.

Ok, here is my post via iPhone  My camera is dead so I took it with my phone - my other two bracelets!!! Post a comment and let  ms know what you think! 

Buttoned Up Bling!

I saw this great UTube video on using CTMH clear buttons to create these great jewerly!  I had to make one, but I adjusted it!  Hers was only one strand of buttons. I tied 3 together to give it a messy assortment of shapes and sizes!

The buttons with patterned paper are the clear buttons.  I'll post a how to shortly.
Well, that isn't all I did.  I did 2 more in fall colors as well.  I'll post those next! The string is our Hemp.  All Close To My Heart Products!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Please Remember 9/11

I just feel we should all take a moment out of our day today to remember what happened 9 years ago today.  I will never forget where I was, how I felt or how it effected the people around me.

As I watch the news and they are replaying the whole day over, I'm trying to explain to my 4 year old the why it all happen and I'm not doing a very good job.  Jeanie agrued with me because she thinks a field should be a soft landing area for a plane. I don't think she wants to believe that there are that mean of people out there. I wish she was right.

Light a candle (in my case a plug in christmas candle) tonight in remembence.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hands on Cricut Class @ Hobby Lobby!

At Hobby Lobby I am offering a hands on class where you bring your machine and make this great layout.
We use markers, the flip button, shift keys, feature keys, some sponging, paper layering and lots more! All paper is included, you just need glue and your Cricut Machine and Cartridges.
You should be able to complete the whole thing within 2 hours. 
I have a complete instruction guide with step by step instructions.
You need the Plaintin Schoolbook Cartridge and Everyday Paper Dolls - you won't believe what's all on the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge!
See the train above and the clouds below? 
The clouds we sponge with a little blue in for depth - more than just a Cricut Class!
Silly monkey!  Love the Zebra!  Email me if you would like to attend!


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