Monday, September 27, 2010

Ikea Virgin - No More

My pictures aren't the greatest facing direct light and using my iphone in a store, but I FINALLY went to IKEA! 
Well, if I ever do blow the roof off the office, I'll know where to go for the toys! They have some really great stuff. We had to blow thru the last floor because we had spent the WHOLE day there.

I want that, and that, and that, one of those, get the curtains, OH and that too!

I even ate lunch in the store! That's a mushroom sandwich - I'm a good girl. Didn't eat the BIG chocolate cake that I really wanted.

Those were to die for Broccoli and potato cakes!  Sorry, I was trying to eat too while filming! We need to do another day trip soon.  Had fun with Patti & Kelly!  Bought some cool toys for the office. As soon as I find screws and time to hang them, I'll photograph them and post.  Ikea stuff doesn't come with screws. hmmm.

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