Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mow Down The Spartans!

No, I'm not talking about a movie, I've been asked to cut some letters for the local high school so they can make a float and that's the saying that I'm cutting out of CTMH Cardstock.  I used Sunflower, Barn Red - they are the closest colors to their school colors.  Moonstruck is what one of the Spartans' colors is closest to.
The picture above is showing how I'm cutting out 4 letters in 3 different colors all in one pass.  That's how you save time - and Design Studio/MTC with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get - or in this case - what you Cut!) OOOOHHHH - a picture of my NEW GREEN CRICUT - got at a rummage for $140 - came with 5 cartridges - I had 2 of them and sold them for $60 - so I got 3 cartridges, machine, mat, spatula for $80!!! What a steal!- sorry, I'm proud of myself!)
This is the scrap pile on the floor after cutting 2 sets of the sayings! Just shove it under the desk until I can clean up later!
Here is what the other end looks like. I couldn't wait, I was pulling letters off prior to all the cutting being finished. I sure did cut the "E" pretty close to the edge! Almost looks like a sports logo!

And the finished product!!  The kids will be gluing the letters onto Butcher paper that I supplied to them. I have it on a 60 yard roll x 24 inches! (lets just say it's a big roll and I can't lift it.)   :)

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