Sunday, October 31, 2010

November SOTM Blog Hop

Welcome to the November Stamp Of The Month Blog hop!  You should be coming from Jill's blog, but if you are starting here that is ok, just keep hopping and you'll do a complete circle!

This month's stamp set it A Little Thanks - you could earn it free for the month on November (or you can purchase it out right, click here to go to my site to see the details.)

I thought this would be easy - everyone needs some thank you cards laying around and should send out whenever you can - but this wasn't as easy as I thought.  This stamp set has messy spots in some of the words - the stamps are made that way and I like it clean so it was hard for me.

Since I do a lot of workshops and have tons of unfinished cards from the displays, I decided to use some to put them to good use:

 The stamp in the right corner is from this set - the little lady is from a stamp set I LOVE and enjoy coloring with markers! Sometimes I use itty bitty sparkles for earrings!
 All these stamps are from this set! 
I put the same words around the square as a boarder.

 See the thank you above - the spots below the YOU is part of the stamp - I don't know how I feel about that messy stuff.  Maybe if the whole card was messy??

 Again, the words were messy above - if you click on the photo it'll get bigger - what are your thoughts?
I then decided to try something a little different and do some very plain thank you cards and bend the words around the THANKS.  These will go in my purse for a quick note.  I think more people should send out thank yous - even for the littlest things - don't you?

Now head over to Shannon's blog to see what great work she's created for you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

WhOoO Lives Here?

 I hope you can see these pictures! I took them with my cell phone so they might not be perfect. You can click on them to make them bigger.  Yesterday's post I showed how I cut the owls out, today I'm showing you where they live!
 This is a photo of one branch coming off the window - hence the glare
This is an extra branch coming off the closet.  We had a few extra flowers so we decorated the light switch too.  I think the 2 tone green leaves look great and the owls were the cutest!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet the Owl Family

A FaceBook friend asked me to create some owls for her baby-to-be's room.  She gave me a sample of what she likes and I created these for her.  Above are the pieces I cut out. 

 Above is how I cut out all the pieces.  I lay them all out on my mat using MTC and cut all in one pass.
 I have clear one inch transfer tape - very good for small pieces and you want to line up things - and I picked them off the vinyl backing here and below is what it looks like off the sticker backing . . .
 I then carefully lay it down on the base of the owl like below
Walla!  Owl has wings and belly decor!
 Here is Mrs. and Mr. Owl all decked out.
 Here's the whole family! 
Wait til you see where they live - that's next post!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cricut getting me in the Mood!!

 Can you guess what I'm making these for? 
I needed a little some'n some'n on the house so . . . 

 Here's the pumpkin in our foyer window and a few bats above him. 
Below is the living room window.
And then I went crazy and did this:
She's taller than my 2 foot Cricut mat because she looked too small when I did her only 2 feet. So I put her as high as I could go and took extra black pieces on black vinyl and pieced the bottom of her dress together to create a longer witch - this is taken from the outside in the dark. She's in my foyer side window. Let me know what you think!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Square Vase Glass Etched

 Patti needed a quick gift for  a house warming and so we had bought this vase at IKEA and I did some real glass etching on it!  Above: that is me picking up the vinyl with transfer tape so I can stick it onto the vase.
 This is the back of the vinyl once I've lifted it with the transfer tape.
 This is the finished product with tissue paper inside.
If you click on the photo it will get bigger and give more detail.
I put a piece of red paper inside so you can see it better. The vase is 10.5 inches wide  and 6 inches high and 4 inches deep.  This is a picture of it on it's side (above).

Window Covering

 Worked asked me to hide a below grade window's mess behind it by adding vinyl to the glass.  This window is located in our meeting room, but has lots of "stuff" in it.  They are sending a cleaning crew in to scoop out the garbage that's blown in.  I used Glass Etched Vinyl to make it look like I've glass etched it and then did a city scape over it with the Shorewest Logo over the city.
 Can you see the cobweb on the right of the layout?  Yuck! 
We counted 5 large frogs living down there too.
Here's the whole window.  They are going to paint the walls in there white and then it'll really be cute!


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