Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Future Blogger

We were cleaning out Jeanie's closet and I came across this hat and I put it on her to see if it still fits. She was so wrapped into that she didn't mind wearing it half the day. At 3 years old she's pretty darn good at clicking the mouse and playing the games!

And yes, those are pacifiers in both hands and in her mouth. She holds as many as she can find. We need to loose more of them. (this is the corner in my new craft room - a tiny sneak peek - I'll post more when it's cleaner....)

Purse of Cards

Sorry, haven't posted in a few days - had lots of work to do and a food allergy I didn't know I had reared it's ugly head! I missed work Friday and Monday because I was completely covered in red spots and itching - I could barely do scrappbooking because my fingers were swollen and sore. I'm back to almost normal - still don't know what I'm not suppose to be eating... Here is a purse with 4 cards and envelopes. There was no stamping just Love Letters Rub-Ons! Love these (there isn't much I don't love - I'll stop saying it) I used Emporium paper (Disclaimer: totally scraplifted this from another consultant - because I said that - it's ok to scraplift.)
Here's the purse, I have to decorate the front, but I really wanted to show you. It's really easy to make - that is a 6.5 x 11 piece of cardstock - I'll post the diagram for cutting. It's scored length wise at the 1 inch and the 5.5 inch. Then Widthwise at the 5.5inch and the 6.5 inch. You snip in the little box it forms and fold up everything. The purse holds standard 4.25 x 5.5 cards and their envelopes.Just a few of the cards - again all done with Rub-Ons - we just came out with an new pack of Rub-Ons called Love Story - coming in my mail soon.
The directions for cutting were off so I had to recut and redesign (I'll do the correct score directions on mine). The hardest part was figuring what I wanted on the front and just working with the Rub-Ons.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just an update….

Just wanted to let you know my Close To My Heart website is having a little bit of a problem. When you link to it by clicking on links I have in my posts here you get an error message regarding the certificate – Close To My Heart is working on that – it's not a real problem, it's just a new website and of course there is a bug like with any new computerized thing. Please disregard it. Thanks and I'll post more soon. Also, if you have my Close To My Heart Website saved and it's not coming up – please resave it – we are on a new server. Please type in to get the new location and save that one in your favorites.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Cards for Work

So yesterday I woke up as early as I could and created 2 cards to take to work with me - one for the boss and one for my co-worker (small office) and this is what I came up with in a pinch.

I had these cards from a 30 cards workshop (I've done enough that I can pull one for just about any occasion and make it work!) Sorry the paper is from at least 2 years ago and discontinued, but the stamps are brand new and one of my MUST HAVES - there is two stamp sets Family Ties - Children (what I used) and Family Ties - Adults!

The little girl is holding a cell phone and I took a foam square, cut in half and punched a heart and put it over the cell phone! (It's a great feeling to open up your drawer of punches and there's a heart punch just waiting for you!)

The little boy was running and I just stuck the heart over his hand. I then used CTMH markers to color in their clothes and shoes! I love coloring with our markers. (I just noticed I must have been moving with the camera - I didn't stamp a double image of him hmmm...saving for new camera.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coaster Calendars!

Desk Toys!

Here's some coasters that I turned into calendars with the January Stamp of the Month (which I have a few extras if you need a set!) I used The new Creative Basics Emporium paper pack that comes with ribbon for the Red and blue. The Orange/Green one is with Unforgetable Paper Kit. I used copy paper for the calendars so that the sheets will easily tear off and fit nice on a little brad. I used our hinges hold them together.

My Sleeping Pee Wee

Two days ago when I went in to wake my baby that just turned 3, this is how I found her.

That's a pacifier falling out of her mouth and her butt in the air! I let her stay up a little later than normal watching TV in my bed with me. :)

Here Little Birdie!

Look at what I found wondering my craft room.....

Yes, I even made those adorable legs! He's in need of a tail yet, haven't gotten around to that, but I love how he looks. I scraplifted this from another site - I was jumping from page to page, so I'm not sure of the orginal creator. It was a challenge figuring out the legs, just which way to turn the wire to make the stand, but it gets easier with each pair I made.

He opens up to be a great little card. I started with a 6 x 6 square piece of paper and folded it across the middle. I even did some sewing on it too - finally have counter space to keep the sewing machine out all the time! Soon I'll post photos of my room! Let me know what you think! The paper is our new Unforgetable Paper Kit I fell in love with everything that went with this paper! Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Latest Rave in the Paper World!

the kind that don't spoil or go right to your hips!

This is my first one so it's not perfect. I'll work on it - I now know what to watch out for when hot gluing it all together!

Pull the cherry and you have a surprise! You can take out the chipboard and replace it with a gift card! What a great way to give a simple gift card! I used Daydream paper, Just Blooms the large and the Summer Posies, I have Lilac Mist Ribbon, Lilac Mist cardstock and white cardstock for the whip cream (a wet the paper and crumple technique) the cherry is a wood bead painted and glittered. The binder clip is holding the card and the cherry sits on it! Bon appetite!
And nope, not my idea - Tresa, a fellow consultant is where I saw this beauty!


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