Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Latest Rave in the Paper World!

the kind that don't spoil or go right to your hips!

This is my first one so it's not perfect. I'll work on it - I now know what to watch out for when hot gluing it all together!

Pull the cherry and you have a surprise! You can take out the chipboard and replace it with a gift card! What a great way to give a simple gift card! I used Daydream paper, Just Blooms the large and the Summer Posies, I have Lilac Mist Ribbon, Lilac Mist cardstock and white cardstock for the whip cream (a wet the paper and crumple technique) the cherry is a wood bead painted and glittered. The binder clip is holding the card and the cherry sits on it! Bon appetite!
And nope, not my idea - Tresa, a fellow consultant is where I saw this beauty!


  1. This is mom, I want to make a cupcake or 2

  2. Let me know when you want to come and play with paper!


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