Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet the Owl Family

A FaceBook friend asked me to create some owls for her baby-to-be's room.  She gave me a sample of what she likes and I created these for her.  Above are the pieces I cut out. 

 Above is how I cut out all the pieces.  I lay them all out on my mat using MTC and cut all in one pass.
 I have clear one inch transfer tape - very good for small pieces and you want to line up things - and I picked them off the vinyl backing here and below is what it looks like off the sticker backing . . .
 I then carefully lay it down on the base of the owl like below
Walla!  Owl has wings and belly decor!
 Here is Mrs. and Mr. Owl all decked out.
 Here's the whole family! 
Wait til you see where they live - that's next post!!!

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  1. I really love the owls, trees, and flowers. Do you have a file that you would like to share? I would love to put that in my craft room.



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