Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's All In The Jeans

Ok, not that kind of Jeans, but I had to show off what my sister can do!  She made this for my birthday - that was August 31st - Can you tell far behind in posting I am?!  I just about fell over when I got it - it was her first one and she gave it to me!!!  Call me special!  She's making a bunch of them for a craft fair this November.  I totally love it!  It's one of several purses I got this year for my birthday (5 in all!) and one of two that were handmade just for me!

Yes, that's my chubby hand, yes, I'm in the car, NO I'm NOT driving - what a first, not doing 2 things at once in the car.  I took it and emailed it to my girlfriend Patti while we were going somewhere via the iphone. Gary is driving!  Start placing your Christmas orders - or come visit us at the Craft Fair in November in Hartford, Wisconsin! (I think it's the 4th - Saturday 9am to Noon).

I was told that crafty must run in the family!

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