Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Button Jewerly Directions

Hello Again!
Directions for the bracelets:

I used about 6 buttons in various sizes and lay them out in the order that you want them on your bracelet. 

I wrapped hemp loosely around my wrist 3 times for the length.  Take the hemp and fold in half. 

Thread your first button from the back thru one of the holes to the center of your piece of hemp.

Thread it thru the other button or if it is a 4 hole button, the hole kitty corner. If it's a four hole, take the other strand and thread it thru the other 2 holes the same way, crossing over the first strand and creating an "X" on the the top with the hemp. 

Pull both strands off to the edge of the button and create a knot off the edge of the button. So if you were to lay the button and hemp on the counter you would see the button, then the knot next to the edge of the button, and then the rest of the hemp. (sorry camera's dead still and using iphone).

Repeat with next button!  I saw this on a website called Inky Scrapper and she made a utube video but I can't find it very easily.

When you get it to the length you want you will form a loop at the end just big enough for the 1st button to slide thru and that is how you will hook it!  Cut off the extra hemp and you are done!
Clear Buttons with Paper:  For the clear buttons you take Liquid Glass and put it all of the back of the button - don't over do it, you don't need it peeing out the sides. then stick a piece of B&T paper on to the back - put the side you want to show off into the Liquid Glass - so it shows thru the button.  Push hard on the paper to get rid of bubbles and a nice smooth finish. I poked the holes for the button thru with a large needle or you can use are Finishing Files.   I couldn't wait for these to dry (I used 9 clear buttons for the triple strand bracelet 2 posts down) so when I was done gluing all the paper to the buttons and poking the holes I flipped them over and added more Liquid Glass the back and the edge to seal the paper in so it won't rub off. I let them dry over night.

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