Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Batty over Halloween Decor!

 I don't have a mantel so I'm doing my couch table!
I love Halloween and dressing up and decking out the house for the occasion!  This year it's no different!  I created a coffin from our new Cricut Cartridge Artiste and then I modified the top to add texture and a pattern.
 See here is the added piece that I embossed with my Cuttlebug and then took our Daisy White pigment ink and gave it an eerie glow/dusting!
At the end of this post is how I created the top piece in Cricut Craft Room. 
I am willing to share this file if you have this cartridge!
Leave a post and I'll email you the file!

These jars are my inspiration!  I found them on SVGCUTS.com and loved them.  I bought our Magic Potions Stamp set and had to find a vessel for the stamps. When these jars came to me I had to have them too!  This is how they look (above) without the camera's flash.

 With the flash on my camera these jars glow!  It's the pigment ink showing off!
 The spider sits higher than he looks, he's raised up on 3 foam squares and I tipped his head down.  That's almost a whole pack of Black Sparkles on his body!

All of these jars open and are great for gifts or candy jars!  Even the witches shoe is a candy dish - gotta go buy candy now!

 So I laid out the coffin pieces and then using triangles from that cartridge I started following the base of the cover.
 Above is 2 triangles I'm using to cover the inside surface of the cover.  The cover I told it to DON'T WELD- so nothing would blend in with it.  The triangles were all WELD.

 Here shows the two triangles welded together.
 More triangles. . . .
And more
 (the highlighted "box" above is really a triangle, but a box would have worked too.)
 In the end I used an oval to cover the leftover holes.  When I first put the circle on top, it acted like it wasn't welding but cutting out an oval.  After clicking on all the pieces again and DON'T WELD and then clicking WELD for each piece it suddenly worked and I got this shape:
 TA DA!!!
Now, all the pieces are still separate.
I drew a box around the pieces and then clicked GROUP
so that it won't accidentally get moved and come apart.
 I am willing to share this file if you have this cartridge!
Leave a post and I'll email you the file!
Thanks for looking!


  1. I would love a copy of your cut file, thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow- the coffin is amazing. Just saw you post over on the CTMH Facebook site. Just signed up as your newest follower from over at http://cutonedesignsbyrobin.blogspot.com/

  3. I would love to have this cut file. Thanks so much. You did a fantastic job on this project and all your jars etc. I wish I could make the jars too but I don't have anything I can use svg files with. I love the pigment ink on the black too. Really eerie!!


    1. Kathleen I need your email to send you the file

  4. I would love a copy of the cut file too! Please!
    Thank you!


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