Friday, October 23, 2009

Around the Yard

It's sure is fall and it seems earlier this year. Here are some of the pictures I took out in the yard this last week. I've been sick all week and stayed home 3 days from work. I'm trying to catch up on computer stuff and cleaning my craft room. Hope to be posting more soon.
Jeanie by the neighbor's yard - he's got great landscaping that turns colors every season - I can't keep up with that - so we steal pictures by his stuff!
This tree turned neon yellow - the picture doesn't do it justice - when the sun hit it and you pulled into the subdivision your eyes were instantly drawn to it!
And my little Jade plant (I think that's the name) is starting to bloom! She comes in after being out all summer, doubles in size some years and then she flowers little tiny white flowers! My Mom never saw such a thing. The first year she bloomed was the fall before Jeanie was born.
Hope you like the photos!

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