Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Toppers

Tell me they look like pumpkins!!!
I have to supply the snack for Jeanie's Preschool next week so I made these pumpkins out of cardstock to push thru the top of cupcakes. There is over 2 dozen in the picture above. Below is how I did them. You take 5 or 6 pumpkins (I used a flower on my Cricut machine and deleted the center circle from being cut out.) A smaller scalloped circle would work too. Stamp a face on all the pieces or I only did 2 sides. Take all the pieces, line them up together and fold them in half all at once - this way they will line up when you glue them together. I used Liquid Glass - loved using it - drys fast and you only need a little. Put glue on half of one pumpkin and glue another half to it. Keep folding the pieces back as you go along. In between the first two you glue, I added a piece of green cardstock for the vine or top of the pumpkin. repeat this at the last one too. I wound the green on an angle around one of the sticks.When you get to the last one, put lots of Liquid Glass in the middle. Put the pumpkin pieces together and then force a stick up from the bottom. I used Lollipop sticks I bought at Hobby Lobby. Hold together for a little while and you're done. I hope they like them. I thought it would be festive since it's so close to Halloween.

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