Monday, January 17, 2011

T-Ball Summer 2010

My daughter tried T-Ball this summer and loved it.  I found these layouts and put the photos together.
I made the cleats on MTC.  The "P" above is the logo they had on their baseball caps.  Each team was given a major league's logo and matching YMCA T-shirt. Jeanie and her cousin were the Pirates.
 Here she is running the bases.  I did the glove, the P, and the ball all on MTC.  Even the words were done on MTC.  I enlarged the shadow feature until it encircled the whole word and made a large "cloud" around the word "SUMMER".
 T-Ball was done the same way with the shadow feature and I welded the letters in "Ball" so not so many little pieces to glue.
 Jeanie saw me doing this layout and can't wait for this year's league. (The large clip on the top of the layouts are there because I have them hanging on the wall with my CTMH clip boards.  I'm showing off my work.

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