Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More T-Ball - 8x10 Photo

Sorry my photos aren't cropped and you can see the phone cord above. But I have always loved this layout and couldn't wait to put a 8 x 10 photo in that box!  I picked Jeanie hitting the ball for the main photo.
The little blue stripes around the page are paper and a brad in the corners - these are on both pages.

 I put a ring of diamonds around the ball so that you can't miss it blurring out of the picture. She hit it! Jeanie was pretty good at throwing and hitting.
There is diamonds on the MVP too.

 All Star Hitter was done on MTC I added stars to the basic letters.
More diamonds on the right page to tie them together.  Hope you like it.  I'm planning on getting more layouts done for Jeanie this year.  I have too many blank layouts without photos on them!

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