Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jeanie's 5th Birthday Cake

 The start of building a cake!  I took a double size pan (13 x 21) and made 2 cake mixes to fill it. Gary and I cut the top and bottom off and used the pieces to create feet and hands as well as shoulders and pant legs.  The bad part about cut cake is you can't frost the cut sides very well without a ton of frosting. It just comes off with lots of crumbs.
 I'm not a Cake Boss, but I think I free-handed the face pretty good. Gary and I both filled in the colors.  The yellow frosting is butter cream colored yellow.  The brown is brownie topping in a tube that you can put a tip on for decorating.  Same with the red, blue and white.
We cleaned up the base after these pictures where taken. I was looking at a coloring book picture of him to do his face.  His arms and legs are yellow licorice - you can get a bag of colorful licorice, but they don't taste the greatest.
Gary put it on top of the cabinet way above the refrigerator where we HOPE the kitty can't reach.  All I would need is cat prints in it.  The party isn't until Sunday so one more day of hiding up there.  I covered it with clear wrap because the frosting harden and won't stick to the frosting.

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