Sunday, January 30, 2011

Design Studio Meets Spongebob & Gang!

I promised Jeanie for her birthday I would make cutouts of Spongebob and the gang to decorate the house.  These will be great for showing at classes but I think I would fair better by just putting them on her bedroom wall after the party and make more later.  The picture below is how I laid several colors of paper down on the mat at the same time so I could cut more than one at a time.  I have Lilac Mist in the corner, red, white and black for the base. I could see on the screen where I placed the pieces so I knew where to put the paper and how big.
 When using layering cartridges like this you need to cut the base first and then layer the colors on top.
 Here's Patrick the starfish, then I added eyes, and mouth parts.  The black becomes the "black outline" around the colors.
 The base has all the lines so you know how and where to lay all the pieces - the bad part is, the cuts also make the base a little flimsy.
 his pants flowers.
 I love how the little holes are cut out instead of having to add a little black dot!
 love those pants!  Citrus Leaf and Lilac Mist cardstock!
 Spongebob himself!
 When it came to Gary the snail, I reduced his size so he fit, but the machine wouldn't line up when cutting out the shape itself.  First it cuts all the details inside and then cuts the outer edge.  Every time it never met up at the end (see picture above) 5 cuts later I just used one and you can see Gary below, his bottom colors don't line up. I think it's because there is a line going around the shape that extend outside the cutting area, but the cuts didn't extend beyond the cutting area - think this cartridge has a flaw.
 Squidward above, Gary below
 The blue and green don't match the base on Gary.
And angry Plantain!  Thanks for looking.

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