Saturday, January 8, 2011

Calendar Notebook

 I designed my own calendar notebook this year so that it's exactly what I want.  It took a lot of printing and collating but I think it turned out perfect.  I made the covers by doubling up chip board and covering them with our Cherry O paper (discontinued - way too fast - loved this paper) I'm not done decorating the front, but what ever I do, it's gotta last a whole year!
 This is the inside of the front cover.  I used a Stickease for my name plate.  I have lined sheets (just a few) first.
 Then there is a one page calendar showing the whole month at a glance. 
That way I know quickly if my day is open or not.
 Next is a week on 2 pages - half on the top and half on the bottom - I took a picture of a more blank page because I have people's phone numbers on other pages.  Each day has several lines for signing people up for whatever class I'm holding.  I have blank lines at the top for the dates, times, and description of the class. Plus I have my standard 3 classes for the Cricut written in and a Card Workshop - so I just circle the one for that day. So each day has enough room to hold a class or a lot of notes.
These photos are upside down/sideways - in the back I have more blank lines for notes and to dos. (The book functions in landscape mode mostly.)  This page is what I want from the new catalog!  My Wish List!!
 The last section is blank white paper.  I like to draw out ideas and this gives me space to do so.

I used my Bind-It-All to hole punch and bind it together.  I only write in pencil just case I need to erase something. I created the tabs a while ago in MTC for my sponges (see my blog post under tips).  I have tab for each month and section in the colors of the Cherry-O paper!

Thanks for looking!

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