Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Bad - Cleaning up the Mess - Tip

OOPS - I've got a few stamps that I have been forgetting to put away.
Currently, I've been in a cleaning mode, organizing and putting everything away! My counters in my craft office are almost completely cleaned off! If you've seen my office in the past you wouldn't believe that last statement, but it's true!
I have a book that I keep all my stamps in. So that I don't have to search for an image this is what I do. I have them in Microsoft Excel, I can sort by name, number, contents. I also cut out the picture of the stamp and have it behind the list. I have them grouped by color on the package.
Here's a page with the stamp photos on it.
So instead of searching thru the stamps, I look thru the book for the images I want.
These 4 stamps I can't find a home for.
Got any ideas as to which stamp set they belong to?
Email if you do!

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  1. Love your blog, thanks! The little heart is from "Adorning Corners".


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