Saturday, June 26, 2010

$8 @ a Rummage Sale

Thursday mornings me and the hubby like to take in a few rummage sales if I'm not working. The hubby came across this and asked me what I thought.
It says Portable Lighting Studio - We asked the lady selling it and she used it to photograph things she was selling on eBay. I've been hating how dark my photos turn out for my blog so I told Gary (hubby) to ask her to take less - It was $10 - we got it for $8!

She said you use your own lights - it had lights in the back!
I don't think she knew what she had. She said she got it as a gift!

When you set it up it looks like this! There are two mini lights and a mini camera tripod. The card I made yesterday is in the box. I set it up on the floor, but I could see this out on a table all the time! Love the little blue screen - look at yesterday's card to see NO SHADOWS from my hands in the picture!
These little lites fold up and fit in the back - and they are bright! Below is a picture of the legs going back into the base of the lite.

The tripod - it folds up flat too. I think it's worth $8 - don't you? We Googled it and found them going for $45 used.

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