Saturday, January 2, 2010

An Oldy but Goodie

Some of you CTMH Consultants maybe seen this card before. I was searching thru my huge files of photos and cards this Christmas for a card to make that had something fun on it but not too hard since I sent these out the week of Christmas - talk about waiting til the last minute! So this is not an orginal idea of mine.

If you haven't seen this technique, it's done with velum paper. I took our Apen Christmas paper and covered the card with the snowflake B&T paper. I stamped the polar bear on white cardstock with Stazon ink (this works the best when using any markers so that the outline doesn't start to run) I then colored in the the scarf, his ice skates and a little pink in his cheeks with out markers. I then cut a small piece of velum paper (about 1/2 the height of the card - watch how tall your polar bear is!) and stamped the polar bear on this with the Stazon ink and used our colored pencils to color in the scarf, ice skates and cheeks - this doesn't show up really well, but it does give a hint of color on the ice. Then I fliped the velum over and glued it to the bottom of the card - making sure his reflection is going the rigt direction. I glued the velum down first then glued my cardstock polar bear above the velum lining up the feet - with a little gap or space above the velum.

Last year Walmart put all the Martha Stewart Christmas glitter at 1/2 price and I thought what the heck and bought a 6 pack of white, a 3 pack of each red, green and blues (each having 3 bottles of different shades of color or with silver and gold). The 6 pack of white had 6 different textures of white - chunky like rocks, fine glitter, little circles and one was like flakes. So I took the flakes and a darker blue and mixed them in a craft jar until the white was mostly blueish. It comes with a glue tube so I drew a line down the center and sprinkled it on and then took my finger and pushed the glitter into the glue so that it would stay on.

24 cards later and I'm done with one more project - why only 24? I only had time for close family and friends - I'm planning on doing more and sending them out throughout the year. My New Year's resolution! Hope you liked this! I'm thinking of starting my Christmas cards now for this year!

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