Friday, January 8, 2010


I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the ladies in the Sheboygan area! Thank you for attending my Cricut Class last night. Yes, I drove an hour in the snow storm to get to them, but I was very tickled with the amount of calls and emails letting me know that they were all still coming!

It took 15 minutes longer to get there than normal and a 1/2 hour longer to get home, but I had no problems and it was like a small adventure in the snow. I've never driven the car I have in this weather so I really tested it. NO close calls or near misses, just plugged in a good CD and enjoyed the ride!

My husband & I had his and her snow plows a few years back and we did subcontracting for a large company so I'm not afraid of the white stuff, in fact it's my version of snowboarding/snowmobiling but with a comfy chair and seat belt!!

Calling Hobby Lobby today to setup the Advanced classes for next month!

Thanks again ladies!

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