Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little Discount on Software!

Recieved this email this week and thought I would pass it along!

You're getting this mesage because you selected to be informed when MTC comes out with updates. If you no longer wish to get these updates hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

Don't forget we still have a 15% off coupon code: YOU-TTTH-TUBE only good on the Make the Cut software purchase. Spread the Word.

Update is Free just download program or trial and Install over top of old program. No need to uninstall and reinstall. and you can download the trial.

In this version:

Shadow Layer: Improvement

Timeout Error Fix
The new setting is in "Help" >> "Advanced" >> "Slow down data rate"

Selections are Dashed
When you edit-select something, the shape will now be dashed. This makes it much easier to see when on top of other shapes.

Warning Margins
These margins are set to the exact same width and height as the margins on Design Studio. These margins are kinda like a "danger area", where if you place a shape inside of it or overlap a shape inside of it, it might not cut the part of the shape. You can still place shapes there -- and they may cut -- so, it's just a guide that Design Studio had, so it may be important.

Rotate with your mouse!
It's about time, right? Click on a shape so it's edit-selected (Red outline), then move you mouse to the upper left hand corner of the shape. Click and hold your mouse and move in a circle.

Move Magic Selections
Magic select a few pieces, then just click on any one of them and move the mouse.

Scale Magic Selections
Another great feature! Magic select a bunch of shapes. Hit "Ctrl+E" or "Edit>>Shape Magic>>Scale" and set a new bounding width/height.

Shape/Layer Lock
You can lock a shape, or group of shapes now! This is great if you don't want your mouse moving something it shouldn't. Plus when you click on something underneath the locked layer, it brings the buried shape to the top so you can move it. You won't have to Shift+Tab so much.

Gallery Fixed!
To everyone who couldn't download from the gallery, you should be able to now. If you still can't, please make sure Make The Cut! isn't blocked by your firewall.

Upload Window updated
Added a check box that makes sure you know that you can't upload copyrighted material.

More info on what has changed

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