Friday, January 13, 2012

The last of the Christmas Gifts

This is a set of socks!  I bought these at Walmart and I wanted white with 
sparkles so that when I wrapped them, they would look like a cupcake!
 Here is the Brighton Bracelet That my Girlfriend Wendy got yesterday!  
(we do Christmas after the holidays are over so that there isn't extra stress.)
 It doesn't sit the greatest, but I wanted it to match my other friend's gift too.
(love the crystal's colors!)
 The cute backdrops are the little material bags that come with the 
jewelery and tissue paper for the gift bags. 
The cupcake wrapper I got on MTC and I added cute snowflake cutouts myself!
 Here is Teri's gift.  She got 3 charms to go on her Brighton Charm Necklace.  
There is a round ornament for the "cherry" on the cupcake.
 Little diamond on both sides for extra sparkling.
 Ahhh, the Brighton logo on the ribbons of the bags.
 Here is one of the other charms - a little Gold and Silver purse . . .
  The Gold & Silver purse opens!
Here is the Red little purse - wanted to give her different colors.
 I took ribbons and tided them onto the charms so 
that I could poke the ribbons into the cupcake and they 
could hang off the sides like a topping.
 Side view.
 Other side.
 You think the bags will give them away??
 Here is the screen shot for the cupcake wrappers.
I'll let you know what I get soon!

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