Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cricut Cake, Gum Paste & Sugar Sheets

 So with the help of my faithful assistant Jeanie, 
we attempted to figure out how to cut a few different things with my 
NEW Cricut Cake Machine!
 Jeanie is using a pizza cutter to trim the excess off the edges so that the rollers
don't run over it and move the Gum Paste.
 I had to get creative because the Gum Paste gets sticky when rolling it out.
 I never took enough out to cover the whole sheet, but I was only testing it out.
 first cut, I had to stop it - missed the fact that the Gum Paste wasn't covering to the corner.
But after moving it up, the butterfly was perfect and flawless!!!!
 Instead of picking up the Gum Paste, I decided to keep going and use
up what I rolled out, a crown, star, and a few flowers.
 Jeanie is showing off the butterflies' details
 Look at how thin I cut the edges of this star! That's 2 inches big.
 Here is all of them on a plate.
 I then decided to add a few drops of food coloring and do some colors.
Several flowers.  The picture below shows white tape like strip above the pink Gum Paste.
That is from the roller.  The white got run over and then dried on the roller and then rolled off 
while I was cutting the pink. Note to self: make sure rollers are clean before slipping in another color.
 The brown swirl is from a Sugar Sheet - that is a thin sheet of frosting pre-made for you.
You WOULD have thought that it would have been easier to cut - since it's thin, rolled out for you - but NO, it was worse.  I blew a whole 1/3 of the sheet and it tastes yucky.  It's from Cricut and it could be 
dried out.  I will try putting a damp paper towel in the bag to bring it back and try this again another day.
 See the white flower with the rough edges?  That one is upside down.  
The backs all looked that way - weird hey?
 Here is what happened with the other pieces - 
Jeanie took regular tube frosting and decorated them - then she ate them.
I'm keeping them to see what they feel and look like in a few days - 
I think these will get SUPER hard and brittle.
I have a marshmallow fondant recipe that I'll have to try next too!
Now, I need to write up my class handouts for my newest Cricut Class!


  1. That looks like the makes of princess cake. Will there be one in a few weeks? It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Mary I'd love to know what brand of gum paste you use with your cricut if you don't mind?
    Love your creations!

  3. Belinda - I bought White Wilton Ready-To-Use Gum Paste. It comes in a bag. In fact, the bag had a sticker on it saying "Perfect for Electronic Cutting Systems".

    Hope this helps.



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