Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sewing Project

Here is another project I did this summer! I bet you didn't think I could sew! 
I even own a sewing machine - thanks to my Mom!
Huge bolt of material on my kitchen table - what could it be??? (Cell Phone Photo - blurry)

 How about Curtains for the Camper! 
I did a set of shears first and then created heavier curtains to go over them!
 Above is in the kitchen.
 Here is in the bedroom in back! Right side.
 Center window in back.
This is a picture down the center facing the front and kitchen area!
Above the table area that is a fake cabinets - that folds down to make a bunk bed.  
The kitchen table folds down even with the seats and creates a Queen bed. 
There is two twin beds in back as well - sleeps 5.
Thanks for looking!

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