Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dotty For You - Part 2 - 2nd Layout

This crazy complicated layout was not that hard, just a little time consuming!  Helen from our group of hoppers created this and I added to the workshop.  I took Jeanie to Walmart and these are the pictures we got from that shoot!  These were taken in 2007 - check out how the dress matches the layout - Butterflies!!

 Close up of each page.  She was so much fun that day playing in front of the camera!

 She picked up the flower and smelled it and the lady just kept shooting.

Here you can see the bling!  Sparkle Flourishes - we now have a few colors!
The Cricut AP Cartridge cut all the shapes.

 This shows you what the pages looked like prior to adding photos and additional mats.
Couldn't see wasting space for words so I'll add them on the back.
Thanks for looking!

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  1. Very colorful and well done. I like the crystal flight patterns too.


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