Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Wish List Item No. 3:

Next on your list should be software!

The Cricut Craft Room to be exact!  And it's Free!  You should download it and play with it even if you don't plan on attaching your computer to your machine.  (By the way, machines are on sale this week Friday - that Black Friday Sales are going to be HOT!  Menards has the Expressions for only $119!

Enough about Friday -

I've been playing with this software and it's a work in progress.  They have it in what's called beta mode which means ALL OF THE BUGS ARE NOT OUT OF IT YET.  I've gone in a few times over the last couple of months and every time they have changed something - mainly for the good.  To hook it to your computer all you need is the same cord that most printers have - the kind with the USB Port hookup.

Here is a few snap shots for you to see what I've been doing:

 The post prior to this one was for cards and 2 boxes that held the cards and candy.  
Here is what the boxes looked like on the screen. You can see all the tools are located at the top.  All the cartridges are at the bottom.  Extras are to the left.
 You are looking at a 12 x 24 inch mat the long way.  So where ever I set that box, is where it's going to cut that shape.  WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Since these are over 7 inches long and my paper is typically 12 x 12, I put them on their own pages - one above the 12 inch line and one below.
 Above is the envelopes and the Crystal Blue layer of the thank you cards. I put a 12 x 12 White sheet on one side (top) and the Crystal Blue on the other end so that I cut both at the same time.
Above shows the White fronts for the cards and the circles for the candy.

See on the left the different colors are for different layers. You can add different layers to each project.  Layers are like stacking mats on top of each other and saved on the same file.  When you go to print you tell the software which "layer" or mat to cut and it only does that layer.  It's a great way to keep everything in one file.  This software can do quantity - where you tell it to give you 10 of one item and it spaces them out evenly, from top left to right, until the mat is full.  

I did find a few bugs and Provo Craft sent me a survey and so I updated them with my opinion - for whatever that's worth!  Thanks for looking and I hope I didn't confuse you.  You can download this without even owning a machine.  You do need to have internet access to work on this software.  I'm trying to figure out a way to demonstrate this for a class in the future.

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