Monday, July 19, 2010

Cricut Hands On Classes

They've asked and I'm trying to acheive it!
I'll be doing some hands on classes this fall (starting in August) where you will bring your machine to the classroom at Hobby Lobby and create a project from start to finish.
The photo is just a teaser of what one of the 3D projects will be. Right now I have 3 different projects in mind (one's done, one's started, ones still a very good thought.)

Until I find a better place to put my calendar, head over to myCTMH site for locations and dates. (If you get a little red shield, don't worry, it's because the system doesn't like that I put a "." between my first and last name - click the bottom link to go to the site. Corp. is working on that glitch.)
Thanks for looking and any feedback would greatly be appreicated!

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