Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Window Cling & Vinyl!

I recently had a friend's daughter call me regarding window clings for a University. Since I only have been playing with vinyl for cars, I was intrigued by the idea of working with window cling material. I emailed my distributor and long story/short - I received a roll of window cling last week and have been playing with it!

Side Note: My hubby likes to buy and sell cars so I can't put vinyl on my car to advertise because as soon as I put it on, it'll have to come off - so window cling just opened a flood gate for me - my head is spinning with ideas!

Here is the first attempt at it with vinyl: I teach Cricut Classes at 4 Hobby Lobby Stores in Southeastern Wisconsin (just added the Racine store!) I created these for the glass entrance doors - peel and stick without the mess. I layered the vinyl - you can stick it to the front of the door, or to the back with the vinyl touching the glass - works both sides.
I cut the cling while it is still on the white paper backing. By leaving it on the backing it transports easily and stays stiff. The area that looks white around the black is actually clear - the white is the backing showing thru the clear cling. This cling is 4 x 6. My distributor was afraid the vinyl would be too heavy and prevent the cling from sticking, but as we were talking about it, we realized that the cling material was 2 to 3 times thicker than the vinyl - I stuck one on my front door for 2 days and it still hasn't moved! I made six of these and so far all the stores I showed them to loved them! (P.S. the white circles are from my camera flash. I even turned off the flash and it is just too shiny!)

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