Monday, March 30, 2009

Sneak Peek - Oak Creek Club Layouts

Ok, no peeking if you are in my Oak Creek Club - We are doing some different types of layouts this month. Instead of just paper, I've incorporated our plastic photo storage pages and created little books! I think it turned out pretty good.
I know the photos are not the greatest but you'll get the idea (I hope) photos on the fly is what I'm doing lately. I'm running to the store to make a big picture to go inside. I'm blowing one up big enough to cover all three inserts - so when you flip open the pages, one large photo covers all. I have the front and the back decorated and I did left and right pages so that you get use out of all sides of the plastic photo storage page.
Here is one page flipped open (above) and all three open below - the large photo will extend over all three blue areas on the right. And with the neat trick of cutting up one of the photo protectors you can cover the flaps so little fingers don't wreck the page and makes it really sturdy!
Here is the backside and the next layout so that you use all sides of the photo protector. We made 12 layouts (6 - two page sets). This is just a base page workshop. The ladies will put photos and embellish later.
And I bet you thought all I did was cards. This technique was featured on CTMH TV - if you go to my website you can see this and many other projects on CTMH TV. The current project supplies can be purchased for 20%!

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