Saturday, March 21, 2009

Panic! Their Discontinued!!!

We had our Unit Meeting today and we dicussed the fact that the Coluzzle Cutting System was discontinued and you can't even get replacement blades!!! So this evening I went to the local craft store to see if they had blades - they had something better - a new knife from The Paper Studio that swivels 360 degrees like the Coluzzle knife. So I picked one up and tried and it works great! I'll continue to use my Coluzzles until the blades are no longer useable and then change to this new knife. Completely apart. The black thing is the blade - it's got some weight to it!
Looks just like the tip on a Coluzzle and works the same!

The new one is heavier and has a green rubber grip - making it easier to work with and comes with 2 extra blades. It has a cap like a pen cap. Maybe CTMH will pick these up and sell them!?!?

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