Monday, March 16, 2009

The KiKis Are GONE!

It was black Friday at our house last week Friday. My 3 year old went to her denist appointment with daddy and found out that her half dozen pacifiers were wrecking her teeth (and yes, Mom you were right - we should have lisened to you) I took her 6 months ago and they weren't that bad - I was told to get rid of them prior to her big teeth coming in (a year or 2 from now) but that all changed Friday! She looked like she was going to implode when I told her she couldn't have them at bedtime. She turned white and then red - I felt terrible for her. But, it's been a week and she's sleeping thru the night. I know Friday night she woke up looking for one and then relized she didn't have any and I heard a little crying. Breaks my heart. I promised her every toy at the store and I would have given her a car if she'd just go to bed that first night!

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