Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring in a Jar - My first contest!

SVGCuts.com is having a contest with their kits.  I had to use only the contents of a few kits to create something new or update something they did.  So I created a acetate jar with Spring inside.

This jar is from the Toil and Trouble Kit - it's a potion jar that I did at Halloween.  
This one is over a foot tall!

Here is some pictures of it all going together:
 It was a feat of magic to put the lid and jar together - did you know if you bend it too far it snaps in half!
 Here is my Cricut cutting lots of colors all at once - ran this machine about 4 times full of leaves.
 The Clematis leaves were used to create a base and make the ground uneven and full of greens.
 I love Clematis plants.  My current house doesn't have one. Can't get it to grow.  Now I have one all year round in my house.  I plan on making a bigger one for my bedroom wall.
 The fence is rectangles twisted into pipes and then I took twine and made it look like it's holding the plant.
 Some flowers are added and more leaves.
 Finished the plants!
Thanks for looking!  Check out SVGCuts.com for all their kits and you can follow the contest on their Facebook page: Spring Challenge.

Wish me luck!

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