Monday, December 19, 2011

MTC Test

Julie from Crafty Musician asked our group to do a test on our Cricut Machine.  
Here is the results I got with the new version of MTC.
 These first 3 photos are done by using the regular blade housing, all settings cranked, multi cut set to 2, cutting chip board - same thing you'd find on a pad of paper.  I had to snap the square apart to get the star out.  (I teach a class that I show how to cut chip board with the regular housing all the time.)
 The circle didn't hit in the same spot on the second time around in the center circle only.
Sorry, mat is really dirty and old.  Here is the same circle.
 The above photo and the next photos: I did it with the deep blade housing, one time around with all settings cranked. If you click the picture you will see both circles didn't line up at the start and at the end. The star and square finished and started in the wrong spots too.
 So I decided to do the test again, but put the speed on fast instead of medium . . . .
 Same results
 close ups of the cuts - click on them to blow them up.
Hope this helps.

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