Friday, May 13, 2011

If you remember these . . . Cassette Card

 I free handed these cards in Make The Cut and cut them on my Cricut.  I did two cards, one for an 80's Birthday Party for a co-worker and one for my sister who's turning 50!  Above is the front of the card. You can see I used a piece of plastic for the window (acetate clear, thin plastic).
 Here is the inside of the card.  Since there is layers inside and out, the plastic for the window was sandwiched between the layers and hidden really well.
 Both cards above.  better view of the window below and the back of the cassette.
 The writing was also done with gel pens on my Cricut too. I bought these and never used them until today! Decided to test them out and they worked great. The tool is pictured below.

The pens have a metal ball in the top and stay in via a magnet inside the metal holder.
Thanks for looking! These were not cheap and one of the pens lasted only a few words. Teaches you a lesson, use your toys right away in case they don't work.  Thanks for looking and leave a message.


  1. This is just way too cute. Great job!! I know they will love them.

  2. Wow that is awesome!! You did a perfect job!!
    Denise in WA

  3. OMG!!! Love them. Will you please share the pattern?

  4. what cartridge is the cassette tape from?

  5. This isn't from a cartridge, I made it up.


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