Friday, April 22, 2011

Balloon Fun

 Jeanie remembered a babysitter who helped her make a paper mache' balloon and asked us if we would do it with her.  We took flour and water and created a paste and here we are making it.
The start of a paper mache' ball! Jeanie has a tattoo on her arm (it comes off) and of course her hands are totally full of the paste. 
 She loves to get her hands dirty, and her clothes too!
 The paste was a little lumpy. I had to help smooth it all out and get dirty too!
Good thing this washes off easily. 

The funny thing about the balloon project was when we were done, we let it dry sitting on a cup.  The next day I noticed the part inside the cup didn't dry so I turned it over.  The next night we heard noises from the kitchen while Gary and I were watching a movie.  We couldn't find out what was the noise at first.  It made 3 load cracking noises before we found out what was making the noise. Then I noticed the balloon was blowing up inside the paper and cracking the paper mache' off the balloon!! Gary took it outside and popped it!  We were laughing really hard. 

I've never seem paper mache' go bad - must be the flour in it.

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