Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spider Cupcakes

 An Army Of Spiders! At least they look friendly! We made these cupcakes with strawberry cake batter so they were red when you bit into them! They smelled awesome!
 Jeanie and I made these for her class last week. Didn't have time to post prior to the holiday.  We took licorice and pulled the strands apart and I came up with the great idea of putting them into the microwave to make them soft and bubbly.
 The bubbles were unexpected but nice.
As the cooled they got harder and they kept the bent leg shape!
Here is what they looked like without mouths and frosting on their eyes.  The eyes are white chocolate chips.  That was a lot of microwaving for 8 legs per cupcake!
I took a zip lock bag and put frosting in it, cut off the corner and put a decorating tip in the corner to decorate the eyes.  Thanks for looking.

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