Sunday, February 21, 2010

Treat Box Times 4.

I was reading the many emails that I get from signing up on tons of other people's blogs and I stumbled across this adorable gift box. The person wanted me to pay $3 for the pattern and if I wanted to use it for a workshop they wanted me to buy a pattern for each person at $3 per person. So I stared at the screen, blew up the photos of her artwork and figured out what it was and made it myself without needing to purchase anything. Plus, I figured out a pattern on my Cricut so I can cut the drawers, sleeves for the drawers, tops, & bottoms of the project! Now I can mass produce them! (If I really wanted to.) This cute project has 4 drawers, one on each side. The handles were the hardest. I know I wanted to use an eyelet for around the hole so that it would not rip from pulling on it. I wanted it to look like a handle, but didn't have anything to make a large brad stand away from the drawer front. So, I created handles by taking our Pretty Pins and pulled off all but the top beads. I re-threaded the pink bead back on and fed it through the eyelet and put a white little bead back on in the inside for a stopper. I then clipped off the end of the pin and bent the end over to form a little loop. The handle falls down, but it is super strong. To do this I was lucky I've played with wire in the past and had several wire cutting and shaping tools in my collection of toys. :)
I cut the top out of chipboard using the George and basic shapes cartridge - it has a rounded corner box on the cartridge. I cut the heart out of chipboard and then I cut the papers for the squares and the hearts to cover the chipboard - giving it a nicer look. I sponged the edges of the heart with Chocolate ink to make it defined. I'll be adding a decorative top to it later, I just couldn't wait to post it. The paper pack I used is the new Veranda Level 2 Paper Kit.

So are you dieing to know how to make these??? Here's a clue - nugget box! Now, go click on my photos and see if you can figure it out and make your own. I've also seen these with 2 drawers up - stacked like a little dresser. This would make a great candy box or put small presents inside. Now it's your turn to make one - or attend my class for it! (dates not decided)

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