Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeanie's Birthday Prep - Cupcakes!

I took Strawberry cake mix and put it in a double pan so that it's half the normal height. 
About a one inch in height.
After it cooled I took the middle mini cutter to the cake
I stood them up inside the chocolate batter - filling the cups 2/3.
Because I put the hearts all the same way, when I frosted them I put a little line in the frosting so I could know which way to cut them to show the heart!
I cut fondant tiaras with my Cricut Cake machine!
The big one is for Jeanie's cupcake - what's that in the bottom corner?!?!
It's a 3D flower!  I'll show you that soon!
Here is all the cupcakes with the tops on!  I put the tiaras on the line I drew in the frosting so I still know which way to cut the cupcake!

Here is Jeanie's!  Thanks for looking!

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