Thursday, February 23, 2012

Expressions 2 verses Expressions Cricut Machine

Many people have asked me about other machines and which to purchase.  I've never played with the Expressions 2 so I thought I would share what another Close To My Heart Consultant wrote on our bulletin board about her experience with the Expressions 2 machine:

I have owned and used an Expression 1 for 5 years. I got the Expression 2 on Black Friday.

Here are my thoughts:

1. The Expression 2 is not an upgrade from the Expression 1. It is a different machine. If you have the Expression 1, I would stick with it and get a Gypsy rather than spending the money on an Expression 2.
2. The Expression 2 is easier to use than E1 in these ways:
  • You can see how large your cut will be because you can see it on a cutting mat image on the screen.
  • You can easily find the shape you want to cut because when you select a feature, the keypad overlay image updates to show you those shapes.
  • You no longer need the rubbery keypad overlays that come with the cartridges.

3. The Expression 2 is harder to use than E1 in these ways:
  • Flipping through sizes and settings is tedious. If you want an image to cut in size 10 inches, you have to tap the screen to increment the size each 1/10 or 1/4 inch at a time. Tap and hold does not help. The scroll wheel on the E1 is much quicker.
  • You have to flip through 3 different cutting screens before you ACTUALLY cut.
  • They tried to make the machine more sleek, so they swapped out useful function names with icons. Unfortunately, the icons are not intuitive and it takes a while to memorize them.
  • If you want to move where an image is going to cut on the mat, you cannot just use the stylus to drag the image across the screen, instead you have to find the location menu and tap for moving the image right and down. On the E1, you can easily move the blade location.

4. There is no real added functionality on the Expression 2 over the E1, for example, you still can't weld.

With all of that being said, my complaints are mostly software based and I have every intention of making upgrade suggestions to ProvoCraft. But with the cheaper price tag available on an E1 and even an E1 plus Gypsy, I stand by the Expression 1 machine in my current recommendations to friends and acquaintances.

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