Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make The Cut - Rush To Buy

There was a lawsuit settled against Make the Cut and they now have to turn off the drivers for the Cricut - so if you ever thought about purchasing this to use with your Cricuts now is the time to get it. They have 30 days to remove drivers.

Once Make the Cut updates their software, you won't be able to cut to your machines.  I love the program and mainly use this to cut with my machine - loads fast, works with any fonts on your computer, overrides the cartridges and you can load any SVG, PDF and JPEG's into your software and cut them on the Cricut.

I think ProvoCraft made a mistake going after these softwares. SCAL is next to be turned off.

Here is the link if you want to purchase:

You can download it to more than one computer, and designing is so much easier than Design Studio.

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