Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where O Where Have I Been?

I've been knee deep into other things that have been keeping me away from my scrapbooking and stamping, let alone finding time to blog!

First, we sold the lake house - no more scrapbooking retreats at the lake - (sob!) but also, no more mortgages - (Yeah!) It's a bittersweet thing. We moved across the street to a bigger house and I have a room for my scrapbooking! Yes, litterly across the street - we used the lawn mower and a trailer to move the boxes! Now to get 2 houses of stuff under control under one roof - I'm choking on furniture!

2 of our neighbors have come over to tell us that we can use their pier to park a boat or go swimming anytime. My daughter loves the lake and swims like a fish! So, it's not so bad. I'll miss my sunroom - three walls of ceiling to floor glass facing the lake, but I'm setting up my foyer to be the next best thing. I have an actual room you walk in when you enter my house that I call the foyer! I can put a small table and 2 wicker chairs in and still have room for a foot stool.

I'll survive.

I've decided to limit Cricut Classes and start doing more of my stuff. I have dozens of layouts (more than 100) that are pictureless and made for classes that I hope to start filling. Jeanie has turned 4 and I don't have one scrapbook finished for her.

I'll be doing another weekend retreat in January! Watch for more details - people are already signing up!

Enough chatter, I'll post stuff soon. Thanks for reading!

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