Thursday, June 25, 2009


Now I know that many of you wanted to see the wedding card that I made with my Cricut Expressions and so here she is (now that the wedding is over I can show it off!) When you open it up there is a pocket with 4 cards on the right side and each one is for a different part of the wedding. We had to do 2 different sets, one for the people coming to everything and another for people not invited to the dinner.
Half the cards are two sided. The directions card has a map on the back and the response card is an actual post card that you mail back. I created the layout using the Cricut Software - no it didn't come predesigned on one of the cartridges. I used the George Cartridge and it takes about 9 different shapes (from the letter "C" to a triangle) to create the base/folder that holds everything. We really lucked out and somehow we managed to make the inserts 4.25 wide so we ran them thru my DreamKuts machine that cut the 8.5 x 11 in half - one less cut manually for us! This is what the layout looks like on the screen when I did it using the software for the Cricut:
It took 9 objects and there is welding, stretching and cutting being done all on one layout!We printed everything on my inkjet printer. There is Sparkles on the invite center page below the swirl on the bottom (not a good photo). We used Garden Green and Colonial White cardstock. (Thanks to the sister consultants that lent me their extra paper until my order came in! The Purple/Wine Paper is a specialty milled paper and was super expensive (there's a shimmer in the paper - trust me you don't want to try and glue on shimmery paper!)

The wedding party stayed at my lake house for the weekend to assemble all of them! (And they almost had all of them done in one weekend too - what great girls!!!) I'll have to post the assembly line photos. Each girl had a job to do and the cards just kept circling the table. We made 250 of these! I went thru 4 to 6 large mats and about 3 blades (the special ones for thick paper). I think it ate 4 to 6 ink cartridges too - they make those things soooo small lately - it's sad.

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  1. OMG!!! Beautiful did a lot of work and used so much creativity. It's awesome!!
    And I love, love, LOVE your blog!!


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