Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Fold Out Card

This last week Daddy has been taking our daughter fishing - I'll upload photos. She's a natural. She catches about 6 fish everytime she goes and she's just standing on the pier! It's a full time job keeping the worms on her hook (and YES she touches those GROSS worms TOO!) She can cast (and I'm deadly afraid of the hook - very long story). She hooked Daddy's sleeve once! But he's so proud of her. So I made this card for her and signed her name and gave it to her to give to her Daddy. While he was opening it she was ROLLING her eyes and she's only 3 years old. After he opened it she said she wanted to make her OWN card and got off the couch and went into my room and we made one. I guess she didn't like not having any part of making the first card!
I totally scraplifted this card and layout - loved the 3D effect and I made this one to fit a 6x6 envelope (I thought the 4.25 x 5.5 size would be too small and the canoe wouldn't fit very well.) I highlighted the edges of the boat with my Bamboo marker and did all the fish and boat with Chocolate Ink. The water waves are Moonstruck. There's a piece of thread that goes from the fish to the top of the fishing pole.
This is when it's flat. I almost made the water too high and the sign would be too tall for the envelope! Gotta watch the height. I'll post directions shortly.
Why I'm afraid of hooks story:
When my Uncle was a small boy he was fishing with a very close friend of the family, someone they would consider an uncle to the kids. My Uncle HOOKED this man in the eye lid while fishing.
When I was a little girl I went fishing with that same Uncle and I hooked HIM in the eye lid!!! I'm afraid it's my turn!! I cover my face with my hands whenever we go fishing. I'm also silly enough to worry that it might skip a generation and she'll get one in the eye - a Mother's job of worrying is never done!

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  1. Mary, awesome card. Can't wait to see in person.


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