Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a Note

Ok, I've been waiting to get on here and post more stuff but I've been hitting at the wrong time. I have lots of pictures of projects I want to download - have camera and computer - forgot cord to hook the two together - SOON I'll get you some photos. I just finished my Christmas cards - 45 of them! (before Christmas that is and yes, they went out before the 24th!)

Also, I signed up for a 44 card swap where each consultant took a new stamp set and made a card and since there is 44 new stamp sets in the Spring Catty - I'll have one of each! I finished that up last night at 12:30pm! All boxed and going to the post office today! If only you could see the pictures!

Today I go in for a minor surgery so I'll be laid up for a day or two - and I promise to catch up on my blog - hope your holdiays were great!

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